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Sunday, 18 March 2012

50 (mostly) free social media tools you can’t live without in 2012

A couple years ago, Jay Baer wrote a great blog post called ‘The 39 social media tools I’ll use today’ which was an all-in-one toolkit for social media marketers (and still is).
A lot has changed in the two years since that post was published so here is a ’2012 remix’ featuring 50 (mostly free) tools you can use on a daily basis.
Whether you are just starting out in the social media arena or have been at it for a few years, this will hopefully be a handy resource. So, let’s serve ‘em up!

Listening / Research

shutterstock 79737895 520x338 50 (mostly) free social media tools you cant live without in 2012
The foundations for any social media marketing activity start with listening and in-depth research, ranging from influencer identification to campaign planning.
General listening tools
Specific listening tools
Each of the major social media platforms can be interrogated using a combination of specific tools including: (Facebook), (location-based Twitter search), (Twitter hashtags), YouTube/KeywordTool (YouTube content optimization tool).
General research tools
Another very handy tool is Google’s AdPlanner which can help you determine which online destinations are most relevant to your product, brand or service.

Content Creation / Curation

shutterstock 77455879 520x345 50 (mostly) free social media tools you cant live without in 2012
Publishing / blogging
  • Best in class: - The world’s best publishing platform catering to the very big to the very small.
  • Alternatives: and many more.
  • New kid on the block: - Need a single page website in an instant? This is the tool for you.
Content discovery / curation
There are literally millions of tools and process for discovering relevant content and arranging it online so it can be re-purposed / re-shared. Here as just a few:, and are all examples of content curation and discovery tools which you can tailor to suit your needs).
If you are looking for specific forms of content, the following tools are useful too:
  • Imagery: Stock.xchng (the best place to find free images by keyword) (A Pinterest-style image aggregator based on your networks and interests)
  • Video: (video search engine which aggregates results from all the major video platforms)


shutterstock 59836903 520x346 50 (mostly) free social media tools you cant live without in 2012
The best engagement dashboards are often a subject of much debate. The most widely used ones include and, but there are a bunch of other alternatives out there too.
Scheduling: – A simple way to ‘pace and space’ your updates across multiple social networks.
Blog comments
Two of the most popular blog comment management tools are but there are a host of others out there too,

Analysis / Insights

shutterstock 84135439 520x345 50 (mostly) free social media tools you cant live without in 2012
There is definitely no shortage of analytics tools out there, and the free ones pack some formidable power.
Website analytics
  • Google Analytics is the king when it comes to free website insights but lots of other tools can play a role too.
  • is a great all-in-one tools to get a feel for the performance of any website on the planet and can track site performance over a time period.
Social media analytics tools
  • Twitter: is perfect for measuring the impact of a campaign or hashtag and is great for analyising the growth and impact of Twitter accounts.
  • Facebook: In addition to the Facebook Insights tools, sites like SocialBakers.comcan give you an idea of page performance outside the ones you manage.
  • YouTube: The YouTube Comments Search tool is worth having in your toolkit to assess community sentiment post-upload.
If you are after a social buzz aggregator, you’re not short on choice either with sites like and also worth a look. provides great insights too and has a nifty extension that provides you with sentiment on any social network page (as reliably as is technically possible).
While this suite of tools doesn’t take care of absolutely everything on your social media marketing plate, it is a decent starting point and something you can add to…and add to…and add to… - The Best in Social Business