Monday, 11 February 2013

How To Contribute To Social Business Today


We get a lot of email requests about posting, regular posting, guest posting to Social Business Today so I thought i'd just put a quick post together to show you the best way to get in touch
and what we need to see.

First, a little about us.

We launched back in 2011 - (as you can see there is a little other noise out there about social business)

our mission, to provide the best in social business news.  News that can actually be used, guides that people can implement straight away and content that would be truly useful for business owners and marketing directors to get on and use.  We'd seen so many blogs and sites started around social media that actually transferring that across to business seemed a massive step for many business owners too.

Its pretty straightforward.  So fast forward today - we now have 1,000's of fans on our facebook page and 10,000's follow us on Twitter (almost 90k actually), our site has over 8,000 unique visitors per month.  Our most popular blog post has been shared over 300 times across social networks*.

So, this is what we need.

1) In your email include your name, the type of content you'd be interested in posting, where you have been published online before, twitter and social media accounts and your job title.
2) If you'd like to be a more regular poster - let us know and we can add you to our verification list.
3) Our email for these enquiries is

Its that simple.  We look forward to hearing from you and making your articles get even more exposure with

*Traffic data correct at time of publishing (11th Feb 2013) - The Best in Social Business

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