Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Social media marketing report shows TV is working to push mobile commerce

QR Codes on TV

Social media marketing report shows TV is working to push mobile commerce

mobile commerce survey performed by Accenture has shown that 64 percent of American consumers can remember seeing television ads that included social media and QR code symbols such as those for “likes” onFacebook.

This indicates that social media is having an impact when it is used in television advertising.

Furthermore, the study also determined that 33 percent of consumers in the United States have gone on to interact with the social media that was shown on television after having seen it.
This study of American television viewers was performed by Accenture in order to build a better understanding of the way that the public views social media symbols that are displayed during regular programming, and to attempt to determine how effective they are.
This survey included 1,000 respondents. Most of those participants said that they had noticed the use of social media on television and were aware of the ways in which they could interact with those various social networks, including the “Like” symbol for Facebook (42 percent), QR codes (28 percent), the Hashtags for Twitter (18 percent), and Shazam symbols (9 percent).

One in every three had used one of the social networks after having seen them.

Among them, 20 percent had “liked” a program or product on Facebook, 11 percent had scanned a QR code, 7 percent had searched for the Twitter Hashtag, and 5 percent had scanned the Shazam symbol.
According to the global internet segment managing director for Accenture, Robin Murdoch, “Social media and social networking are exploding across television screens as networks use social media to enable audiences to interact directly with related content for a richer viewing experience.”
Murdoch went on to explain that “This has huge revenue growth potential as social media applications build program viewer loyalty and drive online advertising opportunities.”

When asked about why they interact with the social media symbols and QR codes that they see on television, the reasons given by the respondents were:

• 32 percent, to obtain promotion codes and coupons
• 31 percent, to enter a sweepstakes or contest
• 26 percent, to view a video
• 26 percent, to use social media to interact with the product or program
• 21 percent, to connect with other people who are also interested in the product or program
• 20 percent, to recommend or share the program or product
• 16 percent, to buy a product or service through the social network or QR code. - The Best in Social Business

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