Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Most Obvious Blog Post of 2012: Using Social Media Brings Customers! Phew.

It is 2012 and a year I believe companies will be embracing social media more than ever. More than half of Yumans own a smartphone and I see that increasing.

We are evolving into “social consumers” and businesses are having to integrate their physical and online stores into a strategy that now engages the customer through online conversations. Facebook, Google+ ,Twitter, YouTube and blogging have become a part of our daily fabric of communication.

On my accounts, I watch or take part in conversations about what movies to see, great meals at local restaurants, what bands are recommended, who has wine tastings and even friendly discussions about fun places to visit within Yuma. I have over 200 “friends” that share their opinions online through social media and I often make many buying decisions based on their recommendations. Online recommendations made by social media users are more likely to convert into an actual purchase.

Make a savvy business New Year's resolution and use social media to start a conversation and engage with your customers and their friends and family. Have a wonderful New Year!

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