Monday, 2 January 2012

How IBM and Quark found each other to create and deliver investment research across information channels

Quark’s Dynamic Research Reporting is a new solution designed specifically to advance the creation and delivery of investment research across information channels, including online social media outlets and digital devices such as the iPad. The solution integrates Quark and IBM software.
Dynamic Research Reporting enables organisations in the financial sector to improve how they communicate with their clients by increasing the speed, clarity, and agility with which investment opinions and research is delivered — all the while ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.
The new solution replaces outdated, manual processes for creating and delivering content to multiple channels by streamlining the authoring process and automating delivery. The product is based on a combination of publishing and content management technology from Quark and the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite of products, including:
  • IBM Case Manager: Allows research analysts to access, aggregate, and evaluate new business insights in order to develop analysis and reports.
  • Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word: Allows analysts to author analysis and reports in a familiar word-processing environment while creating XML content that is compliant with industry regulations.
  • Quark Publishing System (QPS): Automatically assembles content components to quickly produce personalised communications for output to print, Web, tablets, and other digital devices.
  • IBM FileNet Content Manager: Increases the consistency and accuracy of research information and mitigates compliance risks by providing a single repository and archive for all research communications and assets. It also integrates social media tools into the Word interface so analysts can engage clients through social media from a single tool.
If this announcement proves one thing, it must be that Quark has successfully reinvented itself as a solution provider of cross-channel and digital publishing solutions in a broad range of industries. Many people still think of the company as the vendor of QuarkXPress and QPS only, but although these two products may still be an important component of Quark’s portfolio, they are no longer to be considered the flagship products of the company. Instead, Quark’s Dynamic Publishing solutions are now at the core of the company’s activities. - The Best in Social Business

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Stew said...

IBM has been always a known leader in collaborations for a better and more efficient, albeit less expensive environment for developing digital preservation solutions. I am looking forward to the complete fruition of this project.