Friday, 6 January 2012

Ford to demo beta of MyFord Mobile app at CES, lets you tweet about your Focus from afar

Still giddy about taking possession of that electric Focus that you pre-ordered back in November? Well, before Dearborn gets the chance to airdrop that electric hatch into your driveway, know it'll be previewing a new beta of the MyFord Mobile smartphone app at CES. For those unaware, that's a mobile ware that displays battery info and range, where charging stations lurk, helps plan routes and can adjust climate, all while acting as a remote. It also boasts a bevy of social functions, ripe with achievements and statistics that let you stack up against your Ford-toting EV friends -- naturally replete with the ability to upload boastful scores to your social network of choice. PR and a video detailing all await you after the break. - The Best in Social Business

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