Monday, 16 January 2012

BT Vision To Get New Social Media Elements

New interactive and social media services are set to be added to BT Vision in the next few weeks.
BT is set to add new social media elements to its Vision broadband-connected TV service in a bid to contend with increased competition following the UK launch of Netflix.
According to the Financial Times, the next generation of the BT Vision service will be rolled out in the coming weeks, featuring a personalised recommendations system designed to improve the viewing experience by tailoring content to the preferences of individual customers.
Greater interactivity and a layer of social media support will be offered in a bid to help the telecoms giant stand out in the UK's increasingly-crowded streaming and pay TV market, which also includes the likes of LOVEFiLM, Sky and Virgin Media.
BT confirmed the plans, while chief executive Ian Livingston last week told the newspaper that the company is looking to bring "true interactivity to the TV set".
"That means on-demand services; it means the availability of buying things as you do it; to have personalised services; to know what your friends like and what they think of it," he explained.
The news comes shortly after Sky announced a partnership with Zeebox that will bring social media tools and TV listings information to its family of mobile apps. - The Best in Social Business

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"That means on-demand instagram followers check services; it means the availability of buying things as you do it;