Friday, 22 October 2010

What's the Difference Between Social Business and Social Media?

There's plenty (in fact 100's of 1000's) of blogs, groups, pages, twitter profiles and conferences every day around the world on social media.  Fact.

But what, for you is the clear difference for YOU between social media and social business?

Are they the same?
Are you confused?
Is it all about the ROI?
Does Social Business just sound less 'fluffy'

Let's open this up and get some answers - leave your comments below.. - The Best in Social Business


Anonymous said...

Social Media and Social Business are just the same, its just another new term for an existing platform for marketing.

Steve Kohn said...

Social Business is 'Companies doing business within social media'.

Social Media is 'The plaforms for social interaction'.

Anonymous said...

Another nonsense made up social media term.

Tom said...

Social Media = People chatting online.
Social Business = People making money online.

abby said...

Social Business is all about the do'ers

Social Media is all about the TALK.

Social Business Today said...

Thanks for your comments everyone -

Lets keep this going, interested to get everyone's opinion on this!

Dan said...

I'd say the social business is that of the people who make money out of 'educating' others bout Social Media and its ROI.

While there are CFOs across the board that will happily throw money at something they're scared of there are a bunch of people there who are in a position to monetize.

Social Business Today said...

Thanks Dan - interesting thoughts, I think CFO's and Marketing directors are keen to use, but don't always see long term strategies and goals that social business can bring.

Debbie said...

Agree with previous comment, social business is about ROI, social media is about learning how to do social business!

Samina said...

Clay Shirky's "Here Comes Everybody" first got me thinking about social business. The example that he used was Howies (but I don't think he termed it a social business though.. memory fails me!)

I don't think Social Business is just about online. I think it's about the organisation- how people centric it is, how open it is to innovation being led by people outside its walls (by the fans/followers/customers) and whether it has a human face (or maybe feel) to it.

I think Social Media became a category to place new tools and platforms that society at the time hadn't experienced. So Social Media would be tools and platforms for a Social Business to consider to enable grouping, collaboration & flows of conversation between itself & its customers.

Anonymous said...

Social Media - Marketing
Social Business - Making Money

Trevor J said...

Facebook has changed social media into serious social business opportunities.

Social media was never taken seriously enough, until the term social business was created.

Now key words that have been banded about for eons such as social commerce, social media ROI are all achievable and measurable, because of social business.

All this, and it doesn't all mean online - pop up shops are social business.

Beth Carroll said...

Some interesting points here but isn't it just semantics? A little less less talking the talk and a little more walking the walk is.

Beth Carroll said...

Missed the word 'needed' at the end of my comment. Must not type so fast!

Social Business Today said...

Thanks Beth,

and a good point raised..

So, what is your view on Social Media vs Social Business?

Anonymous said...

Email marketing is still proven to make more considerable ROI than social business!

Ben said...

Proven vs Un proven!

Jess K said...

With social media, its more about watching - social business is much more about doing.

I agree with Beth, there is so much talk, guides, advice, support and hoo-harr about social media, social business is about turning all of that, filtering what works (or what could work for you) out, and then implementing it for you.

Try, experiment and be prepared to be agile.

Kendall said...

Charities are a social business - take a look at some of the examples out there (although technically, they are a social charity!).

Social media is hung up on the big picture, social business, social commerce, social charities (think i just made up a new one!), social enterprise, social inclusion even social roi are all actions, rather than social media is just a bollocks term that just explains the industry as a whole.

Lets hope social business is divided from social media and can bring all the important stuff together. The social media experts can keep social media!

Graham H said...


Social Media = Platforms (chat rooms to flickr, facebook to twitter).

Social Business = Ways to use the tools, apps, platforms, technology and creativity for business marketing.

Shannon Boudjema said...

oh! I like what Ben said... and Steve Kohn and Tom... and... and... HAH! Yes - we could call it semantics. I wonder if social media is simply the evolution of communication. Social business is a business that leverages social technology to increase their revenues or lower the cost of business. Yes? No?

We tried to elaborate on Social Business here: - what do you think Jason... good start... or missing the point entirely?

Anonymous said...

Social Business comprises a non-loss, non-dividend company which utilises any profits to expand its reach and or research. 1,000's of these exist worldwide many working in areas of health and poverty.