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How Social Media Helps Your Page Rank

Social media is nothing but a special breed of websites where like-minded people assemble around their common interests and participate in creating contents for the website. Users constitute the main driving force for this kind of websites. Primarily, social media websites provide some function-oriented tools to organize people according to their explicitly defined area of interests, managing their houses and sharing their opinions, thinking, hobbies, and views. In other words, social media websites are the platforms where few focused people can interact with one another with ease and flexibility.
Traditional websites offer one-to-many monologue communication, whereas social media websites tender many-to-many web dialogues. Scalable publishing techniques supported with mind-boggling accessible solutions have made these social sites a better choice for today’s webmasters in designing their websites. In the words of Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein, social media is a “group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content“.
Social media websites have proved to be a good marketing place and they assist realizing good Google Rank too. Some of the popular social media websites are Digg, Myspace, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Meetup etc.
What do you mean by ‘Google Rank’?
Google Rank, or more particularly Google PageRank, is a measure by which a
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website is compared for its responsiveness to the Google’s search criteria. Higher the rank, higher is the chance for being picked up by the Google leading to obtain higher page viewers. Google Rank is an important issue for a website for it announces how important the site is to the world. Every commercial website leaves no effort un-attempted to grab higher Google PageRank. Google uses a top secret complicated equation to decide a website’s Rank. No body, except Google, knows the exact way of improving the PageRank.
Owing to non-availability of any clear mathematical function, people all over the world use some guessing to increase their Google Rank. A lot of money, workforce, time, and efforts are continuously chasing Google to find the secret and in the process some of them accidentally have discovered that social media helps in getting good Google Rank. Google Rank constitutes a clear and unchallenged index for determining a website’s popularity. While creating contents for a website, content writers focus their writing skills towards obtaining relatively higher Google Rank. Even then, webmasters employ professional search engine optimizers to make their websites Google friendly so that higher Google Rank can be achieved.
What are the factors that help getting good ‘Google Rank’?
What single factor actually contributes greatly in obtaining higher Google Rank is yet to be discovered. However, with rigorous research and keen observation, it has been revealed that several factors together bring higher PageRank. These presumed factors include content writing style and richness of contents, keyword distribution pattern and density, page complexity, availability of back links, traffic, and market demand for the keyword among others. Availability of image and videos also contribute immensely in deciding better Google Rank. Google is too intelligent to isolate a fake SEO content; thereby, make sure your content is exceptionally well written with a keyword density not more than 3 to 4 per cent.
How to measure Google Rank?
It’s truly difficult for a webmaster to estimate the Google Rank in advance for his/her web pages. You don’t know any formula to measure it, right? However, with the help of Google toolbar, you may come to know a comparative status for your website. After opening home page of your website and having the Google toolbar installed, check the popped up numeric value by holding your mouse over the PageRank of the toolbar. The value runs from 0 to 10, 0 being the worst Rank. Value 10 is never achievable and in that essence, 7 may be your highest Rank – the best for a webmaster staying out of Google periphery. 3 is considered as an average Rank figure for a website.
How Social Media helps in getting good ‘Google Rank’?
With keen observation and extensive market research, it has been observed that social media helps a lot in getting good Google Rank. How it is possible – that is a secret, only known to the Google. However, SEO experts say that a mention in social media increases a website’s popularity manifold. The increased market demand automatically enhances PageRank. To understand
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how social media helps achieving better Google Rank, you must first acknowledge social media’s contribution in making a website highly popular. Communities of a social media, say Orkut, play a very vital role in popularizing a website. Based upon their theme of existence, these communities often discuss their priorities keeping a website at centre, thus increasing the site’s acceptability. Besides, most of these social networking website users have their own websites and blogs where they add back links for these websites. All these together contribute greatly in getting good Google Rank. A mention in a blog further enhances life for a website. No SEO effort can become complete without including the concerned website in a social media.
Social media does exactly what Google searches to increase PageRank for a website. It generates lots of bridges for your website allowing traffic to see and land at your pages. Such bridges permit visitors to visit your website without taking references from the search engines. This way, popularity for your web pages increases through the back links making them attractive to Google leading to allotting them good Google Rank. Popularity is a major factor for obtaining Google PageRank more than 3. Users of social media websites also help shaping up contents of a website by means of their valuable suggestions and criticisms, thereby making a website more SEO friendly.
What are the difficulties you may face using Social Media to achieve good Google Rank?
Though, social media websites help immensely in popularizing websites and obtaining good Google Rank, at times they may create difficulties in popularizing a website. Several factors may contribute in this regard and all depends upon the users of the site. If interest of the communities of a social site contradicts with your site’s presentation, a negative popularity may arise. To avoid such cases of undesired web events, you must examine community themes and their interests before releasing your website for their utilization. In addition to this, if a community of a social media website uses unethical practices and known to be as an odious group, websites sponsored by them are bound to receive major setback as far as popularity through back links and obtaining good Google Rank is concerned. - The Best in Social Business

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